Winter canyoning at Lake Annecy in dry suits, to be well in the cold water!


This new unusual activity to do in winter will please you! Looking for a different experience, discover winter canyoning at Lake Annecy and in the region. Note that you will wear a dry suit to stay warm and dry!

The winter canyoning will make you discover unknown sensations ! A good time to discover our canyons and to surpass yourself!

Canyoning hivernal

The best period for winter canyoning at Lake Annecy is from October to May!

In fact, the water can start to get cooler in the fall depending on the year. Especially in our more aquatic canyons, the comfort of being warm is immediately pleasant! Spring in our beautiful mountains melts the snow on the peaks, which feeds cold water to our rivers while also oxygenating and cleaning them. !

L'autre avantage c'est que le débit peut être sportif et joueur ! It is then the good occasion to pass to the notch of the top to rediscover an atmosphere more sporting than the small water net which one often has in summer.

The canyon in winter is a new universe, a rediscovery!

Why do you think we want to go canyoning in winter? Of course, apart from the desire to impress your friends and family and to say loud and clear: I did a new crazy activity, you can't even imagine! But it is not only about that and fortunately you will miss the best!

Winter canyoning will plunge you into a calm, soothing and fantastic universe! The slightly more extreme side provides other sensations and a more intense feeling of surpassing oneself!

From this fact, the best, we will surely agree, is to see ice falls and to be able to throw snowballs in the middle of the canyon!

However, to find these conditions, even more extraordinary, the sacrifice is to find canyons at higher altitudes, to have a good physical condition, motor skills and to manage the cold.

canyoning hivernal au lac d'Annecy

What is the price of a canyoning trip in winter?


For winter canyoning, the wetsuits used are top of the range equipment. The price is the summer rate, plus 30€ for the specific equipment.

However, the choice of this extra cost is explained by the fact that a drysuit costs four times more than a neoprene suit.

Photos are always offered at each outing!


Who is winter canyoning for?


In summer, each canyon can be easily adapted to make it more or less difficult depending on how you choose to overcome the obstacle. En hiver, étant donné qu'il y a moins de choix possibles, la difficulté est plus continue. So to be honest, I would say that winter canyoning is more for sporty people who are in control of their bodies and the possible imbalances of this kind of activity. Your own pleasure as well as your safety is at stake.

The number per group is set at 6 people maximum. This remains to be verified according to the size and weight of the participants according to the equipment available.

Where can we practice winter canyoning in Lake Annecy ?


First of all, the diversity of the offer is always the same because you can do the same canyons in summer as in winter! Indeed, as long as the conditions allow it, we can go to the canyon of Angon or the canyon of Reposoir. That said, in winter the altitude will benefit the presence of ice and snow in a canyon.

On this, I made this choice because I know that each profile is different and for me, leading to your satisfaction throughout the canyon is essential! Then, what a pity it would be to limit ourselves, when we have a magnificent playground in Haute-Savoie!

This is why I am able to propose other winter canyons to adapt to you, choose the right playground and answer your desires. Winter canyoning also requires favorable weather conditions!

In conclusion, I am here to advise you and encourage you to fulfill your sporting desires, so do not hesitate to contact me leave a message for more information!


I explain the particularities of winter canyoning equipment!

First of all, drysuits are fragile! Indeed, they are made of 100% waterproof fabric arranged in several layers with neoprene or latex sleeves at the neck and wrists. A simple snag in the drysuit can put a strain on your canyoning descent, because if you get into the water, there is a risk of hypothermia.

Unlike the summer where neoprene warms a thin film of water between the skin and the suit; for winter practice, we dress warmly under the drysuit thanks to winter clothes!" But if the water comes in we will immediately feel cold.


The wetsuits used are CE certified and are developed for river canoeing, the waterproofness is largely reliable! 


The slides are reduced to limit the friction of the wetsuit, which is why jumps are then favored! In addition, the abseiling must be done more slowly and on the feet, which requires more implementation than just on the buttocks!

The slides are reduced to limit the friction of the wetsuit, which is why jumps are then favored! In addition, the abseiling must be done more slowly and on the feet, which requires more implementation than just on the buttocks!

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