Have fun during your bachelor or bachelorette party in the rivers of Lake Annecy.


You are looking for an original outing for your bachelor party, I prepare you an accessible canyoning outing where you will have time to have fun, laugh and encourage each other! In this sense I turn to rather playful courses!

The advantage for the groom is that Annecy is an incredible playground, you will spend half a day in the water and then you can contemplate the mountains and the lake over an aperitif or go do another activity in Haute-Savoie.

As a wedding witness, organizing an bachelor(ette) party at Lake Annecy will delight your friends!

If you want to come with your costumes, if possible we will take them into the canyon, it's just a question of safety.

activité EVG ou EVJF à Annecy

Final basin in the canyon of the groin.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties in the mountains of Annecy.


Water is a wealth of our mountains: a water activity offers a privileged moment of conviviality. Thanks to our many rivers in the region, it is possible to have a relaxing activity in the water! This is aquatic hiking. As for this easy aquarando, you can do floating, swimming in gorges and jumping, but without discovering abseiling, a technical aspect of canyoning.

On the other hand, if you want to embark on a more complete practice, the course of Angon or Pont du Diable are two fun courses mixing all aspects of canyoning that children and adults can discover.


The nature in the heart of your activity for an enteremment of life of sporting bachelor.


If you really have a good physical condition and you want a longer route during your half-day with friends, choose for Montmin Integral! Athletes will love the challenge of all canyon jumps. In particular, the highest jump is 7 meters high and you have to jump over the end of the rock that is two meters below! The canyon has steps interspersed with lots of waterfalls that you cross by sliding or jumping.

So, try it! A bachelor party as a thrilling activity, does not leave indifferent.


Book easily the bachelorette party of the bride-to-be or the bachelor party of the groom-to-be in Annecy with My Canyon.


When it comes to partying, you don't often need a good reason! That's why, for a reason like a bachelor party, it's important that everything goes smoothly.

After completing the reservation form to fix your dates and the number of people, we can, thanks to the telephone contact that we will establish between us, check that everything will be fine for everyone.

This important booking step is not just a click of a button to book, but understanding your profiles in order to meet your expectations as best as possible .

In addition, I offer a photo session for you to remember the beautiful memories of this moment.

No matter where you come from you will not be disappointed to have your bachelor party in Annecy.


Annecy is a peaceful and lively city day and night ! It is bordered by the lake and the mountains which gives it a splendid setting from all points of view. If you have the chance to share moments with your best friends in a beautiful city like this, especially if you do some cool bars, your moments will remain engraved forever.


What price for the canyoning activity for your bachelor party in Annecy ?


My Canyon offers the place of the groom or the bride for a reservation from six people! Then the prices remain the same depending on the canyons. Count then a budget between 55 € and 65 € per person on average.

To make your EVG or EVJF activity in Annecy even more fun, you can come with your drinks for the end of the activity or hand them to me so that I can hide them directly in the canyon for a surprise effect.