Discover the canyoning escapes, those with varied pleasures!

With a first experience of canyoning acquired, or during a first discovery of the activity " j'ai envie que ça envoie un peu du lourd "We offer you the possibility to do these descents. Whether it's in watery gorges or in steep rivers with a succession of waterfalls to be crossed by jumping, sliding or using a rope, we will be happy to accompany you! In addition, you will see a sublime and blooming nature!

For the continuation, start there is the occasion to want to know more about the other canyons and big canyons which surround us.

The canyoning escapes on the canyons of Lake Annecy are complete, fun and thrilling descents!

The waterfalls of canyoning escapes can be bigger, more impressive!

For your first canyoning, these canyons give you a complete experience of the activity! With impressive abseiling descents, some of which are around 35 metres high, you'll get your adrenaline pumping! But also, jumps and slides for the more playful side of the progression.

activité ludique et sportive canyoning


 Duration in water 3h / 65€

Place : Angon, Talloires, Lac d'Annecy (74)| Durée totale  : 4 hours

Description : We start with a 30 minute walk in the mountains to reach the tourist footbridge and discover a tuff waterfall forming a natural arch. Then the adventure begins with a beautiful abseiling descent of 35 meters in an admirable waterfall, leading us into a basin where we feel very small! The canyon of Angon is one of the most famous of Lake Annecy, we find there all the panoply of the discipline with abseiling each one different, small slides and a jump of approximately 3 meters which we can do again several times. Perfect for all those who want to do a canyon rich in strong sensations and who do not necessarily like to make a lot of jumps.



 Duration in water 2h30/ 55€

Place : Faverges, Seythenex (74)| Durée totale  : 3h30 hours

  1. Description :  In Faverges on the exceptional site of "Grotte et cascade de Seythenex", come and discover the new canyon with an atypical recess in dark grey limestone, with a possible jump up to 5 metres and a beautiful natural slide up to 6 metres high. If you are a thrill-seeker, the final sequence of suspended basins will not leave you indifferent! It is a short canyon, quite sporty in spite of everything! Indeed the 30 meters waterfall is really impressive and technical!



Duration in water 2h / 60€

Place : Bellecombes en Bauges, Lescheraine (73) | Total duration : 3 hours

Description : Le canyon du Pont du diable, connu de part sa beauté, à un profil court, aquatique et encaissé ! On accède au canyon par 10 minutes de marche facile dans une chemin sous bois. Ensuite dès que l'on franchit le premier rappel on est vite plongé dans les entrailles de ses gorges, profonde d'une cinquantaine de mètre et étroite à un endroit de quelques mètres seulement. Le plus grand rappel fait 10 mètres, mais il y a aussi quelques sauts moyen et un joli toboggan de 6 mètres. Pour finir on nage dans un long biefs à l'ambiance tropicale. L'ambiance canyon est assuré !


 Duration in water 2h30 / 75€

Place : Artemare (Ain) | Total duration : 4 hours

Description : 

Located in the commune of Artemare, in the Bugey massif, the impressive Groin canyon is a real MUST in the Rhône Alpes region. It has a very important incision dug in limestone, as well as long swimming passages of more than 100 meters in absolutely magnificent biefs, siphons, and many different jumps going up to 12 meters high. You will also have the opportunity to see Devil's Potholes, also known as Giant's Potholes, natural cavities cut into the rocks by the river.

The canyon is so deep that there is even a passage in oscuro, a dark part where the daylight is very weak.

In other words, you'll love it!

Minimum group size of 6 people required.


Duration in water 3h / 60€

Place : Bellecombe en Bauge (73) | Total duration : 4h heures

Description : A canyon with little commitment, with short steps and beautiful waterfalls, one of which is 25 metres high. The small waterfalls are nice, the whole located in very wild and uncrowded.The canyon is atypical compared to those usually frequented by guides. You have to like abseiling to enjoy this canyon.


Minimum group size of 6 people required.


 Duration in water 2h30 / 60€

Place : La léchère, Pussy (Savoie) | Total duration : 4 hours

Description : This canyon is steep and the flow is always appreciable. The succession of waterfalls up to 15 meters for the high part of the canyon is nice and some jumps are possible.

For those who have already done full Angon or who already have experience of canyoning, it is once again possible to descend the large 80-metre waterfall which closes the canyon. It is important to be comfortable with this.

Upper part : Minimum group size of 6 people required.

For the complete package: Price on estimate according to the number of people.


Durée dans l'eau 2h30 / 65€

Place : La Bathie, Albertville (73) | Total duration : 4 hours

Description : Nice canyon with abseiling in the waterfalls, possible jumps, and a superb 8 meters slide, like no other in the region! In conclusion, a little frequented canyon but not without interest.


 Duration in water 3h / 75€

Place : Coiserette (Ain) | Total duration : 4 hours

Description : This canyon is steep with beautiful passages sculpted by the water. It is an aquatic canyon where you start by abseiling down the largest waterfall in the canyon. This one is about 15 meters high. Then we find ourselves in a huge basin with turquoise water, before crossing the narrow passages and starting to make the few jumps and slides of the canyon.

Minimum group size of 6 people required.

These canyons are perfect for a great half day trip. With a wide range of choices, you can choose the one you like, and luckily, the one that's closest to your home.

The total duration includes the setting up of the equipment, the approach walk, with the canyon descent, the return, and the removal of the personal equipment.

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