Canyoning in Doussard : A day of adventure and sensation !

To allow you to discover all the facets of canyoning in Doussard, I propose you the perfect duo !


When we talk about canyoning in Doussard, in fact we mention the descent of the canyon of Montmin and canyon of Angon !

Both canyons are 10 minutes from Doussard and are super complementary! One presents beautiful abseilings and magnificent waterfalls, while the other presents plenty of basins in which one can make jumps and slides, with a little walking.


Canyon full Montmin + Angon upper part

Intermediate level

canyoning à Doussard

Duration in water 3h30 + 3h | Price : 110 € / pers

From 4 persons minimum in July and August.

Description : : The two courses are close to each other and have the advantage of being very complementary! Indeed, the canyon of Montmin is more aquatic with many possible jumps while the canyon of Angon presents a more marked vertical character with a departure which puts directly in the atmosphere because one starts an abseiling in a waterfall of 35 meters!

Most of you are capable of running these routes. But the combination of the two in a day requires energy.

This is a great opportunity to explore the two most famous canyons of Lake Annecy!

Canyoning à Doussard

Place : Parking canyon d'Angon, Parking canyon de Montmin | Total duration : Journée

Age : From 10 years old.

Otherwise I propose you another pack canyoning not far from Doussard:


The other combo is the Morette waterfall canyon and the Belle Inconnue canyon! These two canyons are 35 minutes from Doussard, at the entrance to the village of Thônes!

By dint of being all in the same place, canyoning loses its charm! Get off the beaten track with this lighter and more atypical offer! Indeed, we evolve in a wilder setting, in canyons mainly focused on abseiling!

Indeed, there is a 45-meter abseiling descent in the first canyon and 30-meter descents as well as a cave passage in the Belle Inconnue canyon!

Now you know that if you don't like abseiling this offer is not for you.


Canyon Waterfalls of Morette and "La Belle Inconnue"

Intermediate level

Canyoning à Doussard

Duration in water 2h30 + 3h30 | Price : 125 € / pers

From 4 persons minimum in July and August.

Description : Here is a series of canyons appreciated by the amateur world, on the one hand because they are opposite each other, and on the other hand, because they both have beautiful waterfalls!

These canyons are more for people who like to do impressive abseiling! It's not particularly hard, but you have to go anyway! In the Morette canyon the 45 meter waterfall is sublime! In the Belle Inconnue there is a cave passage and an arch at the start of a waterfall! However, these are two canyons without jumps.

Following this approach, it is preferable to have already done at least one abseiling trip.

Canyoning à Thônes

Place : Parking cascade de Morette | Total duration : Journée

Age : From 14 years old.

Now that you have already done some canyoning in Doussard, go to the Bauges Park!


Contrary to the vertical aspect of the previous pack, I propose the following duo, much more aquatic: The canyoning of the Devil's Bridge and the aquatic hike of the Chéran.

These two courses are very close to Lescheraines, in the Bauges geopark! Devil's Bridge is a full canyon, beautifully carved out of limestone.

Moreover, the gorges are impressive and we feel very small in this canyon. As a complement, we go to a larger river, the Chéran, with more water, to do some swimming and jumping! This aquatic hike is splendid, refreshing and more relaxing!

Canyon of the Pont du Diable and aquatic hike of the Chéran

Intermediate level

Canyoning à Doussard

Duration in water 2h + 3h | Price : 105 € / pers

From 4 persons minimum in July and August.

Description : : First of all, it is necessary to say that the canyon of the Devil's Bridge is the most famous of the Bauges geopark. Moreover, this canyon knows a beautiful tourist affluence because it is magnificent!

Indeed, the depth of the gorges is impressive and the shape of the rocks is bewitching!

However, it presents beautiful waterfalls where one can easily adapt the mode of crossing! Thus, you can either abseil down, or make jumps or slides!

This canyon is not very long, which allows you to stay in good shape. The Chéran aquatic hike is just a step away from the canyon. During the lunch break, the village of Lescheraines nearby allows you to eat easily or you can eat your sandwich on the river bank.

During this aquatic hike, you will be able to take advantage of floating passages to let yourself be carried by the current, but also to make pretty jumps thanks to the rocks on the edges of the river.

Canyoning à Doussard


Place : Parking canyon du Pont du diable | Total duration : Journée

Age : From 8 years old.

I concoct here some complementary canyoning packages for a day adventure in the canyons near Annecy!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to

discover new canyoning routes!

I also suggest the Canyon de la Leysse!

Canyon of "La Leysse"

Intermediate level

Canyoning à Doussard

Duration in water 4h00 | Price : 80 € / pers

From 4 persons minimum in July and August.

Description : The Leysse canyon, located in the Bauges geopark, is a little-known canyon. However, it hides its game well because it is a canyon with beautiful basins and beautiful waterfalls! If the depth of the basins allows it, you can make jumps.

Then, in the middle of the canyon, a magnificent 45-metre waterfall completes the descent! Admittedly with a bit of walking at the beginning and end of the canyon, but that doesn't take away its charm!

Relatively long, it takes a good half day (easily 4 hours of descent) to reach the end of this wild canyon of the Bauges geopark!

Canyoning à Doussard


Place : Parking la Leysse | Total duration : 5 to 6 hours

Age : From 14 years old.

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