CANYONING TOUR: discover the most beautiful canyons over several days!

For your canyoning stay, we organize together to go down the canyons of your dreams?

To start your canyoning trip, please note that you have several options: either I propose you a fixed offer, or we build one together.

First of all, having already practiced canyoning can allow you to go in more sustained canyons, but in reality it is far from being an obligation. On the other hand, having a good physical condition is desirable.

  • Look directly at one of my offers (see below)..
  • Or, take a moment together to discuss what we will do, your expectations and your level, to organize over several days, some canyons..
  • Thus, it can be done on a weekend or during the week.

Canyoning Stay: Haute-Savoie, Savoie, Isère and Ain

When is it possible to organize a canyoning trip?

First of all it must be said that the beginning of the season and the end of the season are favourable. That's why organizing a trip from mid-May to mid-June is much easier for me. The same goes for the beginning of September since I can devote several days to canyoning with you!

Where will we sleep, how will we meet?

The "All inclusive" formula is complicated for me, since I would need a lot of insurance, so the simplest is to go in the same area, I could tell you where I stay, but you will be autonomous for your meals and reservation. Besides that, I only manage the canyoning part but I will be available to give all the necessary information.

For the list of the canyons that we can do it is vast! In fact we can go anywhere you want, as long as the conditions allow it.

But otherwise, in the idea of doing during several days the most beautiful canyons of the region, we can plan the following canyons:

These are examples, it may vary slightly.

  1. Upper Angon and Devil's Bridge (easy)
  2. Full Angon and Belle Inconnue (hard)
  3. anyon of Chaley and The Groin (easy)
  4. The Groin and Cerveyrieu (hard)
  5. Infernet and lower Ecouges (easy)
  6. Upper Ecouges and The Ruzand (hard)

This would allow us to tour the magnificent canyons of the region over several days.

Canyoning over several days: the easy option.

First, the first day of the stay.

The meeting is at 8:30 am directly in the Angon canyon car park, on Google Maps.

For Angon:

  • The activity begins with a 40-minute walk.
  • In the canyon, there is a great abseiling of 35 meters, jumps and slides!
  • Particularity : We pass under an arch of tuff to reach the departure of this vegetable and ludic canyon. I will tell you more about it on the day.
  • The canyon ends with a 10 minute walk back to the parking lot.

For the Pont du Diable : In the meantime, we will first have a picnic on the shore of Lake Annecy and have a swim. Then we will go together to the geopark of the Bauges.

  • The activity begins with an easy 5 minute approach on a shaded path.
  • In the canyon, there are jumps, abseiling and swimming in magnificent gorges that have been formed by erosion since the last ice age.
  • Particularity : Mineral and vegetal atmosphere with the discovery of a carnivorous plant. The proof is that this plant named Common Grassette lives in the tuff of the end of the canyon!
  • The canyon ends with a 10 minute walk back.

Then, the second day is coming.

The meeting point is at 8:30 a.m. at the parking lot next to the municipal campground of Chaley.

  • The activity starts with 20 minutes of approach walks in a path.
  • In the canyon we find beautiful basins and clear water. This canyon is easy, with small descents in abseiling but it is exotic.
  • Particularity : Many siphons and a nice jump.
  • The canyon ends with a 5 minute walk back.

Finally,the third day in the water.

The meeting point is at 8:30 am at the roadside on a small parking lot on the road leading to Quaix-en-Chartreuse from Grenoble. Maps link :

  • The activity starts with a difficult descent to the river but it's worth it.
  • In the canyon, we start with an impressive abseiling of about thirty meters and then the canyon is very steep and aesthetic.
  • Particularity : The beautiful basins and the numerous jumps.
  • The canyon ends with a fairly easy walk back to the car parked down by the road.

What budget for a 3 days canyoning trip ?

Whatever the canyons, the price for the three days is 390 €.

In fact, I would like to make you vibrate in the heart of the most beautiful and famous canyons of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region! From this fact, discover the sculpted rocks, the limpid basins and the other hidden wonders.

At the end of the weekend, you will have discovered some superb canyons and will have acquired a little autonomy on certain things, but if you are interested in this aspect go and see my training courses..

I am convinced that we will have a great time together!

In the evening we can eat together and share other more intimate moments.

What is the minimum group size for a multi-day canyoning trip?

For reasons of comfort, the group size will be limited to 8 people.

From 2 persons we can make a stay if I don't have other reservations for canyons.

Otherwise from 4 peo.ple the days will be blocked directly.

To conclude on the canyoning trip :

Minimum 2 days of canyoning.

You must manage the accommodation and meals.

Possibility of leaving together from the vicinity of Lake Annecy and of carpooling if I have space available.

Reservations are possible until the end of June, subject to availability.

Group of 8 maximum.

Do not hesitate to contact me so that I can guide you.

Explore a mineral and vegetal world thanks to the canyoning trip!

Anyway, it's an opportunity to take time for yourself, to put experiences together and have fun browsing new canyons!

Without delay, we leave together to live a beautiful adventure around the human, the sharing and with the nature as a connector!

The goal of this moment is to share with you what I really like and to plunge you into my universe. It is the opportunity to go to places where we find canyons of exceptional beauty!

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