Canyoning in Annecy with My Canyon, it's the choice of a varied offer of canyoning and a personalized welcome!

The canyoning offer in Annecy : half-day, 3 levels! !


To begin with, canyoning in Annecy is in fact mainly present at the end of the lake on the Talloires and Doussard side, but I want to keep a diversified offer allowing me to change my framing locations and thus satisfy you in more atypical, wild and less frequented routes. This is why I also go to the Bauges geopark,and even in the canyons of the Ain and Savoie.

Moreover, in a spirit of sharing and discovery for all,I have a wide range of pedagogical and technical skills.


Easy level

For your first experience discover the selection of family canyoning. These courses are easier and more fun, as they are not very physical, and therefore family friendly! Their profiles make them accessible to all, you will leave with smiles on your faces after this refreshing moment!


Intermediate level

Discover the selection of canyon evasion, these are canyons adapted to adults and young people because the medium-sized waterfalls. The jumps, up to 10 meters in the Pont du Diable for example, are an explosive package allowing sensations and thrills guaranteed!


Sporting level

Discover the canyon adventure selection, abseil down big waterfalls! Feel the force of the water in canyons where there is a big flow! These canyons are wild, you will have your adrenaline rush! But you need to be in good physical condition to be able to keep up.

The day offer for canyoning in Annecy and in the Bauges massif:


First and foremost, day canyoning is either a combination of two complementary canyons, or a more complete canyon requiring more than half a day to do the whole descent.

It may be a canyon where you have a picnic lunch (not included), but not necessarily.

Canyon full Montmin + Angon upper part

Intermediate level


The two courses are close to each other and have the advantage of being very complementary! Indeed, the canyon of Montmin is more aquatic with many possible jumps whereas the canyon of Angon presents a more marked vertical character with a departure which puts directly in the atmosphere because one starts an abseiling in a waterfall of 35 meters!

Most of you are capable of running these routes. But the combination of the two in a day requires energy.

This is a great opportunity to explore the two most famous canyons of Lake Annecy!

Canyon Waterfalls of Morette and "La Belle Inconnue"

Intermediate level

Here is a series of canyons appreciated by the amateur world, on the one hand because they are opposite each other, and on the other hand, because they both have beautiful waterfalls!

These canyons are more for people who like to do impressive abseiling! It's not particularly hard, but you have to go anyway! In the Morette canyon the 45 meter waterfall is sublime! In the Belle Inconnue there is a cave passage and an arch at the start of a waterfall! However, these are two canyons without jumps.

Following this approach, it is preferable to have already done at least one abseiling trip.

Canyon of "La Leysse"

Intermediate level

The Leysse canyon, located in the Bauges geopark, is a little-known canyon. However, it hides its game well because it is a canyon with beautiful basins and beautiful waterfalls! If the depth of the basins allows it, you can make jumps.

Then, in the middle of the canyon, a magnificent 45-metre waterfall completes the descent! Admittedly with a bit of walking at the beginning and end of the canyon, but that doesn't take away its charm!

Relatively long, it takes a good half day (easily 4 hours of descent) to reach the end of this wild canyon of the Bauges geopark!

To conclude, do not hesitate to contact us for your canyoning trips near Annecy, and in the Bauges geopark!

So that you can come and discover all our canyoning trips in Annecy, Savoie and the Bauges Geopark in peace, take a look at my values!


  • Choosing My Canyon ismore than just a canyoning descent, it's the pleasure of sharing, and flooding with unique sensations.
  • Une prestation tolérante dans le respect de chacun, dans le but de rendre votre sortie inoubliable !
  • Passionate and still exploring other canyons, I manipulate the ropes regularly and implement different progression techniques, in order to guide you with confidence.
  • Leaving in the idea of ​​interacting: coming out bigger from this moment and acquire new knowledge.

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